Comprehensive Assessment of Diet in Adolescents and Young Adults in Belgium: Social and Cultural Disparities

Katia Castetbon and researchers from The School of Public Health propose to develop an ambitious research program aiming at evaluating, over time, public health initiatives regarding diet in relation to social inequalities.

The first step will consist in analyzing preexisting databases in adolescents and young adults in Belgium (Food consumption survey of the ISP-VIW and Health Behaviours in School-aged Children survey carried out by the SIPES): researchers will study social (age, gender, family composition, education...) and cultural (region of residence, language and migration status) disparities in diet.

Diet is a major risk factor for diseases as cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis or obesity. It is therefore very important to develop efficiency public health actions that do not increase social inequalities in relation to the diet, and possibly reduce them. In the meantime, a group of research will be built to define lines of an intervention to consider in these age groups.


School of Public Health

Created on August 31, 2018