The development of connectivity in the cerebral cortex has major implications for our understanding of brain function and disease. However it has remained almost impossible to study in the human species at the cellular level.

In this project the aim will be to study the mechanisms of assembly of human cortical circuitry, from axon and dendrite patterning to synapse formation, plasticity and function. This project will relie on the synergistic combination of cutting-edge technologies including a model of corticogenesis from human pluripotent stem cells and brain xenotransplantation, together with electrophysiology and optogenetic tools to monitor and modulate neuronal function.

Principal investigators: Pierre Vanderhaeghen - IRIBHM, UNI -, David Gall - Laboratoire de Neurophysiologie, UNI -.


Pierre Vanderhaeghen

IRIBHM, Faculty of Medicine & ULB Neuroscience Institute

Created on August 31, 2018