Integrated Mechatronics for Active vibration ConTrol (IMpaCT)

High precision instrument require active control in order to operate properly, and reduce their sensitivity to external disturbances. For example, gravitational wave detector and large particle colliders require a strong isolation from ground motion. These active systems require assembling actuators and sensors with intermediate parts, which are often leading to sub-optimal architectures and additional mass, resulting in limitations of performance or robustness.
Thanks to very recent progress in additive manufacturing, it is now possible to print parts which are crack-free and with a strength comparable to that of wrought material. It opens a new door for designing active structures with optimal shapes, lightweight, and with a high degree of integration of mechatronic components, which is highly required for space applications. The objective of this project is to develop a design method, combining structural optimisation for shaping active control performance and additive manufacturing. Two applications will be studied in this project: (1) Shape control of future large space telescope and (2) Isolation of sensitive equipments from launcher disturbances.


Christophe Collette
Brussels School of Engineering

Created on September 19, 2018