Physico-chemistry in out-of-equilibrium nonideal environments and spatially extended reactive systems

The objective of this project is to develop a theoretical framework for out-of-equilibrium nonideal systems. The strong intermolecular interactions characterizing such systems play an important role in numerous chemical, environmental and biological phenomena. The first part of the project will focus on transport phenomena, such like multicomponent diffusion in two-phase systems (e.g. liquid-gas) and the natural convection induced by unstable density gradients in the gravity field. With the help of optimization techniques and in close collaboration with experiments, this modeling will allow measuring diffusion coefficients in nonideal mixtures.

In the second part, researchers will derive thermodynamical relations for the coupling between reactive and transport processes via an expression for the free energy including intermolecular interactions. Such interactions are usually not accounted for although a realistic description of transport and reactive processes is crucial to enlighten the dynamics of various phenomena such as carbon sequestration, to cite but one example.


Laurence Rongy

Nonlinear Physical Chemistry Unit
Faculty of Sciences

Created on August 31, 2018