In this project, researchers intend to contribute to the debate on how society should move towards becoming a low-/zero-carbon society, reconciling environmental and social objectives.

They will be exploring the interdependencies and inequalities at micro-level, observing how politics can reconcile social and environmental objectives on the way to a low-/zero-carbon society.

Researchers will be looking into a range of issues: How can the apparent compromise between environmental objectives and those of distributive justice be understood in association with low-/zero-carbon policies? What are the mechanisms explaining how households are differently affected by these policies, thereby creating socio-environmental inequalities? What governance mechanisms are being used and what can Belgium learn from other countries?

Partners: UA (coordinator), the Federal Planning Bureau and ULB - Tom Bauler and Grégoire Wallenborn from the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies.

End of the project: 31/03/2019

Created on August 29, 2018