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EOS research project "Fertility preservation: ovarian tissue and oocytes"

Fundamental and translational research on ovarian tissue and oocytes for fertility preservation in children and young women with cancer

With increased survival rates of patients with cancer, the topic of their post-treatment quality of life in the long term is becoming a major concern. In young patients, the risk of future infertility due to cancer treatment is a source of considerable anxiety: clinical and fundamental research on fertility preservation is therefore crucial. Belgium has been breaking new ground in this field, by developing expertise in in vitro follicle growth and oocyte maturation, ovarian tissue transplantation, and pharmacological protection of ovaries during cancer treatment.
This new research project intends to optimise individual approaches for each patient who wants to remain fertile; another goal is to better understand how treatments are toxic to ovaries.
The project is coordinated by VUB and involves teams from ULB (Research Laboratory on Human Reproduction, Isabelle Demeestere) and UCL.
Created on August 13, 2018