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ULB EURAXESS Career Development Centre for Researchers

The main goal of the ULB EURAXESS Career Development Centre for Researchers is to coordinate the general training offer for researchers and the support for the professional development of researchers.

Our training programme for researchers

As part of its human resource strategy for researchers (HRS4R), ULB has developed a full catalogue of general training sessions to help its researchers acquire cross-cutting skills (complementing specific scientific skills) and further their career at any stage.

These free training sessions may take different forms (small groups, one-on-one coaching, etc.) and cover the following topics:

  • Languages and communication
  • Research
  • Supervision and management
  • Teaching
  • Career and skills
The EURAXESS platform offers career development tools. To get access to the platform, please note that you need to register. Other useful links: 
Contact: formation.DR@ulb.be
Updated on October 5, 2022