The goal of this project is to launch and support the funding and construction of green homes.

Construction d'une maison

A two-year project, SMARTER involves 17 partners in 12 EU and neighbouring countries. Its goal is to launch and support the funding and construction of green homes.

The ‘BATir’ department (Brussels School of Engineering) is a partner of this project. Philippe Bouillard, Aranzazu Galan-Gonzalez, and their colleagues aim to carry out the scientific research necessary to support sustainable construction projects: the researchers will gather data from European partners that will enable them to analyse the risk of payment default for such projects, as well as the obstacles (administrative, legal, socio-economic, etc.) that entrepreneurs must face today. The researchers will also analyse the certifications of past and current projects, and determine what criteria must be met for a project to be called ‘sustainable’ and thus eligible for funding.

More than on the constructions themselves, the project focuses on the definition of innovative financial products for investments related to energy efficiency, with a view to raising interest and demand from EU citizens for ‘green loans’ and demonstrate to financial organisations the value of supporting these projects.

End of the project: 14/05/2021

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 847141).

Created on May 15, 2019