We advise you to make sure your online application was submitted properly, by clicking the ‘Submit’ (‘Soumettre’) button after completing all sections.

Once you have submitted your application using the online form, you may log in to your profile page and follow up on your application.

Applications are processed within 10 weeks after submission (without exceeding the deadline for registration). If you have sent your application less than 10 weeks ago, there is no reason for concern. You will also be notified by e-mail about the status of your application. We encourage you to check your inbox regularly, including the ‘spam’ folder.

Additional documents

  • If you are notified that certain documents are missing, you must upload them within 6 weeks using the application platform.

Make changes

Once you have submitted your application online, you may no longer change your curriculum or the data you have submitted.
If your application has not yet been processed by the Registration Office and if you wish to make changes, please let us know using the contact form.

Updated on March 26, 2020