What is the minerval ?

The «Minerval» is the name of the University’s registration fees in Belgium.

The current standard amount is 835 euros.

There is a possibility of obtaining a reduction of this minerval when certain conditions (administrative, academic, financial) are met.

Who can benefit a reduction of this minerval ?

  • Students in order of registration at the ULB.
    We remind you, on this subject, that it is important to pay the 50€ before the 31/10/2023 to obtain the useful certificates for your family allowances, Fédération Wallonie_Bruxelles, STIB, ... 
  • Students who have obtained a « study allowance », that is to say a grant awarded by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (FWB) - a political authority of the French-speaking linguistic region of Belgium, competent in this field.
These students, who are said to be “boursier·e·s”, are automatically entitled, in addition to their study allowance, to a reduction in their fees.

How do I know if you qualify for a study allowance ?

How do I apply for the study allowance ?

  • Following the procedures listed under the links referenced above
  • Respecting the deadlines: applications must be submitted no later than the 31st of October of the current academic year
For Belgian and assimilated students, the best procedure is to submit your request online on the website of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, which will allow rapid and automated processing of your request.

For students who are unable to do so online for reasons of nationality and/or age, the student must send us the official acknowledgment of receipt from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation as soon as possible. The registered mail is only a provisional proof.
  • Students who have been refused and/or do not meet the criteria for the allocation of a study allowance from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

How to get a reduction of the minerval ?

Fee reductions can be requested from the Student Social Service (SSE):
  • For the « taux boursier », the procedure is automatic and is done via your student portal on which you download :
  • The acknowledgment of receipt of the study allowance request, which makes it possible to obtain a "taux boursier provisoire" 
  • Confirmation of the decision to grant the study allowance, which allows you to benefit from a "taux boursier définitif". 

How are these documents obtained ? by visiting the FWB website 

  • For the other rates of reduction of school fees, a distinction must be made between :
  • Students who have obtained a refusal from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles must contact the minerval reduction service reduction.minerval@ulb.be and attach the following documents :
  • Household composition
  • Tax return (income 2020 - taxation 2021)
  • Matricule 
  • Front/back decision of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles 
  • Students who do not meet the criteria for being granted a study allowance by the FWB but who can still claim what is called "taux social" because of their modest condition.

This reduction requires the analysis of an SSE social worker, so you must apply for financial aid.
The procedure to follow can be found here

In all cases, the following cannot be eligible for a reduction in the cost of :

    • Students who are affected by registration fees with additional fees
    • Students already holding a diploma of the same level
    • PhD students

In addition:

    • The fact that French students benefit from the CROUS does not allow them to benefit from the legal cover of your minerval costs. They cannot apply for a grant in Belgium (CROUS and FWB prohibit the accumulation of a grant with a foreign government)
    • European students may only be eligible for a "social rate" reduction for their second year of study in Belgium and provided that they have passed at least 45 credits during their first year of study in Belgium.


    • Children of ULB staff members can claim a reduction of 30% of their minerval if they meet the academic and administrative conditions (but without financial conditions); they must then contact the Personnel Social Service (ssp@ulb.be)
Updated on August 1, 2023