If you wish to apply for a fee reduction, please follow this procedure.

General rules

There are different rates for ULB registration fees (‘minerval’), on top of which certain students may be required to pay additional fees:

  • standard rate
  • intermediate rate
  • scholarship holder rate

In order to benefit from a reduced rate (i.e. intermediate or for scholarship holders), a student must meet three types of criteria:

  • administrative criteria (age, citizenship, residence in Belgium)
  • academic criteria
  • financial criteria

In any case, applications for reduced registration fees will only be considered if the student is not required to pay additional or higher fees (e.g. non-EU students; find more information on the page dedicated to registration fees).

Scholarship holder rate

Students who receive a scholarship from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation are eligible to pay ‘scholarship holder’ registration fees. The Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s scholarship office offers these scholarships in response to concerns about social inequalities in terms of access to education. You can find all relevant information on its website or in the informational brochure.

Requirements, procedure, and specific points of attention

These steps must be taken for each academic year.

  • We remind you that you must pay the €50 deposit before 31 October to confirm your enrolment. The deadline for payment of the balance of your enrolment fees is 1 February 2021!
  • The tuition fees for "scholarship candidates" (who have applied for an allowance from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) is reduced to €0.00, provided that you take the following steps:
    • Download the decision in your MonULB portal - ‘Secrétariat virtuel’ – ‘Ma situation financière’ – ‘Ma demande d’aide financière’ – ‘Dans mes frais d’études’
      This free tuition is granted on a provisional basis pending the decision of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FBW).
    • Should you be granted the FWB allowance, you will be guaranteed free tuition (for the current academic year), provided that you take the following steps:
      Download the decision in your portal MyULB - ‘Secrétariat virtuel’ – ‘Ma situation financière’ – ‘Ma demande d’aide financière’ – ‘Dans mes frais d’études’
    • Should the FWB refuse to grant you financial aid:
      • Within 30 days of receiving the decision of the FWB, you can ask for an analysis of a possible partial reduction of the fee by writing to , subject: "reduction of fee - Student ID number (matricule) 
      • Or you will have to pay the full amount within 30 days from the date of reception of the decision of the FWB (the amount to be paid is indicated in MyULB - My financial situation - My virtual secretariat - My payments), even if you have lodged an appeal with the FWB against the ruling. If the appeal against the FWB's refusal decision is successful, you can have your minerval refunded.
  • Following the Marcourt Decree, relating to free and accessible higher education access, students who have obtained a favourable decision from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation are entitled to free access to compulsory course materials. You will be able to obtain them from the University Presses within 3 days of the encoding of your minervalue reduction.
Attention: If the steps or the payment are not carried out within the deadlines, you risk being unregistered, or having to pay a double fee when you re-register for the following academic year.

Please note that scholarships may be paid at any time of the year. Do not delay your scholarship application, keeping in mind that it must be submitted before 31 October 2021 using the online form.

By means of automated IT systems set up on the ARES platform, the higher education institutions obtain information on the decisions of the FWB. These decisions enable higher education institutions to fulfil their obligations regarding free registration fees and course materials for scholarship students as provided for in the 19 July 2010 decree on free and accessible higher education. 

Within the framework of the agreement between the higher education institutions and ARES, the higher education institutions are now entitled to obtain the decisions of the FWB as soon as the official decrees are published and this in an automated way. In order to simplify procedures, the ULB has set up an automatic information e-mail to the student to warn him/her and encourage him/her to contact the Student Social Service so that, at his/her express request, the latter can review his/her file and obtain, if his/her family and financial situation allows it, assistance from the Student Social Service.

Intermediate rate

This rate is subject to the same requirements as the scholarship holder rate, with one difference: the income thresholds are higher (subject to amendment of the Marcourt decree).
See the reference threshold table

Social rate

Students who cannot benefit from statutory reductions in registration fees may apply for a reduction for social reasons. The general requirements remain in effect.

However, as an EU student, you must have previously completed 45 credits worth of courses at ULB in order to qualify for a reduction in registration fees. For students from France, receiving aid from CROUS does not entitle you to free registration in Belgian universities.

In addition, students who are required to pay additional fees are not eligible for the social rate (subject to amendment of the Marcourt decree).


Please note:

  • If the documents you provide to us reveal real estate assets, the Student Welfare Office will investigate your real estate situation.
  • If the people upon whom you are dependent are found to work under a status other than salaried (e.g. self-employed, liberal profession, business owner) and their professional expenses are over 60% of their income, an accounting document will be requested.
  • If the tax assessment notice provided is found not to be an accurate reflection of the financial situation of the people upon whom you are dependent, additional information may be requested (CPAS documentation, unemployment, health insurance, pension, disability benefits).
  • If your parent is employed by ULB, you may contact the social workers at the Staff Welfare Office via your parent.
Updated on September 28, 2021