The Student Welfare Office gives transgender students the possibility to have their preferred name officially recognized at ULB.

At any time during the academic year, they can simply contact the Student Welfare Office and provide the first name and photo they wish to appear on their new student ID.

The Student Welfare Office shall print a new student ID, and make sure the new first name is also used:

  • on the MonULB portal
  • in the student’s ULB e-mail address
  • in class rosters
  • during the announcement of exam results.

Given that official documents provided by ULB are intended to be used in later administrative procedures, ULB unfortunately cannot use the student’s preferred name in documents such as certificates of enrolment, diplomas, and transcripts, nor in its communications with external partners (e.g. with the host university in the case of a bilateral exchange). These issues are currently being looked into, so that the system can be as effective as possible, as soon as possible.


Student Welfare Office
+32 (0)2 650 20 14
Solbosch campus - CP 185
Updated on August 2, 2021