Information for our Erasmus+ partners regarding the schedule for the implementation of the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) programme at ULB.

Following EU guidelines and in accordance with the requested timelines, ULB is already connected to the EWP system via MoveON, the international mobility management software we use at ULB. The main procedures which must become digital are:

Inter-institutional agreements (IIA)

The process of extending Erasmus+ contracts has already been started, and our proposals have been sent to all our partners via EWP. If you are already connected to EWP, you can exchange your proposals with us, validate and/or send them. We use MoveON-EWP for all Erasmus+ IIAs.

Learning Agreements

For 2021-22 incoming mobilities, we will be able to validate and sign the OLAs via the dashboard. For 2021-22 outgoing mobilities, the use of the Learning Agreement in paper format will be maintained.

For 2022-23 mobilities, starting in April 2022, ULB will switch to validating and signing OLAs via MoveON-EWP. No OLAs will be exchanged via any other platform before this date.

Digital nominations

Digital nominations will become mandatory for 2023-2024 mobilities. We have already tested some 2021-22 nominations via MoveON-EWP - you can process them if you are already connected to EWP -  and we will continue testing in 2022.

For further information, please contact Ms Elizabeth Olivares, MoveON-EWP system administrator at ULB:

Updated on May 5, 2021