ULB-Uccle is home to the Translation and Interpreting Department (ISTI-Cooremans), which is part of the Faculty of Letters, Translation, and Communication.

Reaching Uccle

On foot, by bicycle, by public transportation, by car or carpool: Uccle can be reached in a variety of ways. Learn how to access the campus: nearby stations, itineraries, travel times, and infrastructures.

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Main local itineraries

Saint Job station
13' + 13' |  22'

Etterbeek station
27' | 10' | 3' + 10'

Luxembourg station
40' | 13' | 3' + 15'

North station
26' | 23' + 12'

Central station
52' | 18' | 29'

South station
49' | 18' | 12' + 12'

Solbosch campus
17' |  7' | 4'+ 9'

Erasme campus
33' |  17' + 21'

Plaine campus
36' |  13' | 10' + 13'

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Means of transportation

On foot

Brussels has many paths where pedestrians can avoid vehicle traffic, and many pedestrian-friendly streets. Find a map of recommended itineraries at Stapas.be.

By bicycle

Want to avoid traffic congestion? Come to ULB by bicycle! This is often the fastest way to get around Brussels.

  • Avoiding vehicle traffic: Find a map of all recommended bicycle itineraries and bicycle paths in the Brussels area at Bike.Brussels.

  • No bicycle? You can rent a bicycle anywhere in Brussels, and leave it when you reach your destination. Several bicycle sharing services are available in Brussels, with or without dedicated docking stations. Villo! stations are located near ULB-Uccle: find out where using the access map.

  • Keeping your bicycle safe: Use a strong lock to attach your bicycle to a solid support, preferably in a busy area.

By public transportation

Whether you are coming from Wallonia, Flanders, of Brussels, the main public transportation services can get you near ULB-Uccle:

  • STIB/MIVB: bus line 38 and tramway line 7 stop at ‘Longchamp’ and ‘Bascule’, while tramway like 6 stops at ‘Legrand’. More information at STIB.be.

  • TEC: lines W (Braine-l’Alleud), 123 (Waterloo), and 365a (Jumet) stop at ‘Winston Churchill’ and ‘Bascule’, a short walk from ULB-Uccle. More information at Infotec.be.

  • De Lijn: lines 136 (Grand-Bigard or Alsemberg) and 137 (Dilbeek or Alsemberg) stop at ‘Winston Churchill’ and ‘Bascule’. More information at DeLijn.be.

By train

  • Regional lines: several regional S railway lines stop at the Saint Job, Etterbeek or Luxembourg stations. From there, the campus is a few minutes away on foot, by bicycle, or by public transportation.

  • National and international lines: with most railway lines, you can transfer at Brussels’ main stations (North, Central, South).

More information at Belgianrail.be

By car

ULB Uccle can be reached by motorways E411 (Namur), E42 (Liège), E19 (Paris-Mons), and E40 (Ostend), then W. Churchill avenue or chaussée de Waterloo. Get directions

  • Park & Ride locations in Ceria, Stalle, Herrmann-Debroux, Roodebeek, Kraainem, and Reyers let you park outside Brussels and use public transportation. Learn more at LEZ.Brussels.

  • Why not try car sharing? Several solutions exist in Brussels, and there is a Zen Car and a Cambio station nearby. Find out where using the access map.

From the airport

Flying to ULB? There are several ways to get to the Solbosch campus from Brussels Airport.

  • By taxi: taxis are available outside the arrivals hall. Licensed taxis can be identified by the yellow and blue lamp on their roof. More information

  • By train: shuttles are available between Brussels Airport and the city’s main stations (North, Central, South), several times per hour. More information

  • By bus: lines 12 (before 8 pm) and 21 (after 8 pm) stop at Place du Luxembourg. More information

Persons with reduced mobility

Public transportation services offer solutions for persons with reduced mobility.

By car

A reserved parking spots for persons with disabilities is located in front of the building.


STIB/MIVB is working on making bus, tramway, and metro lines and stops more accessible to persons with reduced mobility. It also operates Taxibus, a door-to-door transportation service for persons with disabilities.

For more information, see the page dedicated to accessibility on the STIB/MIVB website.


Taxi companies in Brussels have a fleet of accessible vehicles for persons with reduced mobility. More information on the Brussels Mobility website.

By train

SNCB offers assistance services for persons with reduced mobility. More information on the SNCB website.

Find information about all accessible transportation options on the Brussels Mobility website.

Practical information


Université Libre de Bruxelles
Département de Traduction et Interprétation (ISTI - Cooremans)
Rue Joseph Hazard 34
1180 Uccle

Find your way

Each room is reference according to a code:

Campus name - building - entrance - level - door number
Example : ISTI Cooremans building - level 3 - office 4 : ISTI.304

Updated on March 27, 2019