Follow all the steps to prepare yourself for your mobility

Language skills

You're planning to go abroad ? As soon as you start your studies, you can prepare yourself to be in the best conditions by the time you start your mobility. ULB gives you the opportunity to join conversation tables, organized during parts of the academic year, and the F9 offers many language courses. Read more about it on the Plan Langues website.

Students participatins to the Erasmus+ program (for studies or internships) will benefit from the OLS free platform, where they can follow free online courses, adapted to their language skills, in more than 20 languages from the European Union. Access is granted to selected students a few months before their departure.

Our advice : plan ahead to be ready for the first courses you will follow abroad. you need to understand what is happening from the very first weeks of your mobility !


Looking for accommodation is a serious challenge. Many universities can give you access to housing on campus, but many students prefer booking rooms with friends or local students. It is a good way of meeting fellow Erasmus students and it makes integration and language learning much more easier. Make your choice !

ULB partner Housing Anwyhere has an online platform that you can use to offer your room while you're abroad, or to look for a room in your host city.

Our advice : book a room in a nearby hostel so you have a landing point when you arrive, and don't neglect visiting rooms and apartments before you sign anything !

Insurance, Health, visa issues

Like every time you stay abroad for a long period of time, you have to check administrative formalities so you don't encounter any major issues while you're abroad. The ULB insurance policy is also covering your academic activities abroad, but you might want to check for additionnal coverage for non-academic activites. Visit your local social security office (mutuelle) before you go abroad.

All information about insurance coverage is available here.


For students who have chosen to go outside of Europe, you will probably have additionnal visa procedures. ULB can give you advice on how to get your visa.
Our advice : plan ahead when you seem to need a visa (mainly for non-EU mobility), and contact the host country embassy, in Belgium. Sometimes it takes a few months to get everything done!
Updated on July 7, 2020