A PhD programme is the first step in a researcher’s career. You are strongly encouraged to secure funding for your doctoral studies.

You can fund your research in a number of ways. Below you will find a few general pointers on funding, as well as a list of most common sources of funding for doctoral research.
All funding programmes are highly competitive. It is important that you put effort into your application.
Your thesis supervisor can help you determine which funding programmes are best suited to your situation, and help you build a strong application.

Other funding opportunities can be found on Infofin, ULB’s database on sources of research funding, and on EURAXESS Jobs, ULB's PhD offers platform.


As a research assistant, you conduct both doctoral research (part-time) and teaching activities (part-time).
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Doctoral fellowships

You can secure a fellowship in two ways:

  • by applying for funding offered ULB or a third party
  • by applying to a specific research project led by a ULB researcher
Practical guide and current amounts of doctoral fellowships (access restricted to ULB researchers)
Applying for funding

For each funding programme, several doctoral fellowships are generally available.
You may send your application to the institution offering the funds, whether this is ULB or a third party.
The content of your application and the application process may change from one institution to the next.

Major funding programmes include:

Join a research project

You can be hired for a research project led by a ULB researcher.
You may apply by answering a fellowship posting on EURAXESS Jobs or another platform. Offers are also often posted on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

PhD with an industrial partner

You received funding to complete your PhD thesis in partnership with a private company.

Main funding programmes:

Other private funding

In certain cases, and depending on the area of research, you may receive funding from private companies or funds. You may discuss this with your thesis supervisor.

Updated on January 5, 2024