As a doctoral student, you develop a number of skills that can be applied to many industries.

A doctorate is about much more than acquiring scientific, technical, and methodological expertise. As a young researcher, you will also develop other skills such as project management, innovation management, complex problem analysis and resolution, communication, languages, teaching, networking, budget management and fundraising, teamwork, thoroughness, autonomy, etc.

All these skills are highly valued on the labour market, which is why a PhD can lead to a number of positions:

  • researcher in academia
  • teacher
  • scientific advisor and research support officer
  • patent engineer
  • research and development officer in the private sector
  • manager, expert, or project lead in the public sector or in international organisations
  • consultant
  • instructor
  • and many more!

You can even launch your own business after earning a PhD!
Updated on January 5, 2022