The filing dates vary depending on the type of registration and nationality of the student :

Belgian, European students

1st year of a Bachelor course

If you have full rights admission : From the end of June to the 30th September.

Except for non-resident students wishing to enroll in Physiotherapy, Veterinary and Speech Therapy.

Continuation of the bachelor cycle

From April 1  to the 30th September.

Master and Specialized Masters

From April 1  to the 30th September.

Teaching qualification for upper secondary education / Higher education teaching certificate 

From April 1  to the 30th September.


From the 16th February

Non-European students

For all programs

From the 16th February to the 30th April

Non-European students residing in a European Union member country may apply on the same dates as European students.


From mi-February 

Help Ukraine

Are you a student who has fled Ukraine or a Russian, Belarusian opponent ? Check out the deposit requirements that may apply based on your profile on the HELP UKRAINE website.
Updated on June 17, 2022