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Bachelor in Mathematics

Bachelor in Mathematics

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  • Programme title
    Bachelor in Mathematics
  • Programme mnemonic
  • Programme organised by
    • Faculty of Sciences
  • Degree type
  • Tier
    1th cycle
  • Field and branch of study
    Sciences and technics/Sciences
  • Schedule type
  • Languages of instruction
  • Theoretical programme duration
    3 years
  • Campus
  • Category / Topic
    Sciences and technics - Sciences
  • Jury President
    Ignace LORIS
  • Jury Secretary



General information

Degree type


Theoretical programme duration

3 years

Learning language(s)


Schedule type




Category(ies) - Topic(s)

Sciences and technics - Sciences

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies)

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Mathematics play a crucial role in all domains of science and technology. Learning mathematics develops great ability for abstraction, rigor and inventiveness. After their studies former students will be able to apply existing methods,to elaborate new theories or applications and to tech their field. The ability to analyse and solve problems, both theoretically and practically, allow students to become operational in a broad variety of fields such as mathematics, economy, finance, physics, astronomy, biomathematics, informatics, images and signals…

Most lectures are tauht on the blackboard, and seconded by exercic sessions where the students work by themselves, with the available help of an assistant.

Evaluatons of the students performance are in January and June.

Studying maths in Brussels offers to choose immediately a secondary field amongst biology, physics, informatics and economics.

The department has developed partnerships with the VUB, the other French speaking Belgian universities and universities of the North of France; this allows a large choce of options, in particular during the Master studies.

Personnalised interactions with assistants and professors from the first year.

Special training in writing mathematics.

You will have at your disposal: computer rooms with an internet connection and a library.

A one-year stay abroad is possible during the master's course; an "à la carte" programme is devised in conjunction with the host university in accordance with the principle of exchange programmes.

Possibilities to choose lectures given in other Belgian or French universities, mainly during the MA.

Access conditions


Mathematics with a secondary field to be chosen amongst Biology

Physics, informatics or economics.

What's next ?


If you go on to do a Master in Mathematics, you can go on to work in the following fields

  • research in the fields of mathematics, mathematical physics, astronomy, economics, information technology and bioinformatics

  • banking sector

  • insurance companies

  • consultancy

  • pharmaceuticals industry

  • teaching

  • Image and signal processing

  • The BA in mathematics is the natural way to the Master in Statistics and the Master in Actuarial Science (insurance and finance). It also provides a good background for the Master in Bioinformatics.