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European Competition Law - Special issues

academic year

Course teacher(s)

Martin MARTINEZ NAVARRO (Coordinator)

ECTS credits


Language(s) of instruction


Course content

Case studies and case law and discussion of them, comparing approaches to the subject, learning to apply the law and especially to reflect on problems. Students are expected to carefully prepare each course, read the case to be discussed, and think ahead to the questions mentioned in the syllabus.

Objectives (and/or specific learning outcomes)

Putting the subject into perspective in order to develop coherence in a complex subject, understanding to this end the mechanisms of the market and how to ensure optimal interaction between law and economics.

Teaching methods and learning activities

As much as possible, the floor is given to students whose active participation is expected. Mandatory seminars (30% in the grade).

Contribution to the teaching profile

Explore further with examples and discussions that focus as much as possible on current events.

References, bibliography, and recommended reading

A selective bibliography for each case that is discussed is distributed at the beginning of the year.

Other information




Method(s) of evaluation

  • Other


Written exam (practical cases)

Mark calculation method (including weighting of intermediary marks)

The mark is based not only on the written exam but is also weighted by course attendance.

Language(s) of evaluation

  • english