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Education motrice et psychomotricité

academic year

Course teacher(s)

Nathalie GUISSARD (Coordinator) and Alain CARPENTIER

ECTS credits


Language(s) of instruction


Course content

rhythmic activity, muscle strengthening, basic physical conditioning, water activities, development of motor skills through a team sport, and psychomotor and postural gymnastics

Objectives (and/or specific learning outcomes)

This course allows students to upgrade and develop the motor skills needed for a job that requires physical fitness and psychomotor skills. To this end, different motor activities will be studied

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Courses requiring this course

Teaching methods and learning activities

hands on teaching

Other information


Secrétariat de pratique de l'éducation physique

Mme Anne DEISSER - campus Erasme - bâtiment N - 4e niveau - bureau N4.105

tél. 02/555 32 46 - courriel : neurobio@ulb.ac.be


Method(s) of evaluation

  • Other


Presentation of exercises and demonstration

Mark calculation method (including weighting of intermediary marks)

weighted average according to number of hours

Language(s) of evaluation

  • french