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Bachelor in Medecine

Bachelor in Medecine

This formation is taught in french.

A mandatory entrance exam for the programmes in medicine and dentistry is organised by the French Community of Belgium. It includes a science test based on prerequisites in methematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, and a humanities test that measures the student's summarising, reasoning, and empathy skills. Only students who pass this exam may enrol in these two programmes.

Learn more at: www.ulb.ac.be/enseignements/inscriptions/etudes-contingentees.html

Take note: Throughout the year, ULB offers classes for students in secondary schools that cover the required material in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.

The 2020-2021 programme is subject to change. It is provided for information purposes only.

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  • Programme title
    Bachelor in Medecine
  • Programme mnemonic
  • Programme organised by
    • Faculty of Medicine
  • Degree type
  • Tier
    1th cycle
  • Field and branch of study
    Health/Medical sciences
  • Schedule type
  • Languages of instruction
  • Theoretical programme duration
    3 years
  • Campus
  • Category / Topic
    Health - Medical sciences
  • Jury President
    Catherine LEDENT and Stéphane LOURYAN
  • Jury Secretary
    Pascal LAURENT and Marc LEEMAN


General information

Degree type


Theoretical programme duration

3 years

Learning language(s)


Schedule type




Category(ies) - Topic(s)

Health - Medical sciences

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies)

Succeed in your studies

ULB offers a number of activities and resources that can help you develop a successful strategy before or during your studies.

You can make the transition to higher education easier by attending preparatory courses, summer classes, and information and orientation sessions, even before you start your studies at ULB.

During your studies, many people at ULB are there specifically to help you succeed: support staff in each faculty, (inter-)faculty guidance counsellors, tutors, and experts in academic methodology.


Fulfil your ambitions by gaining a grounding in a number of areas including: curative and preventative medicine, out-patients or hospital medicine, workplace medicine or school medicine and laboratory or industrial research.

During your studies you have the opportunity to take part in university exchange programmes, lasting a few months or a whole year. As well as the possibility of taking part in the Erasmus programme, other types of work placements are also on offer, especially in third world countries.

During your studies you will develop your powers of critical analysis and your human qualities through regular contact with patients and the many non-medical staff. As well as developing your technical and scientific skills you will also improve your ability to think and make judgements.

An exceptional location comprising an ultra modern, high-performance hospital surrounded by classrooms, laboratories and a library. You will also be able to do a wide range of work placements thanks to the hospital network that is in place.

Access conditions


What's next ?


If you go on to do a Master in Medicine, you could go into the following professions :

  • Doctor of medicine, with one of a number of specialisations depending on the course taken: GP, surgeon, orthopaedist, oncologist, anaesthetist, obstetrician, paediatrician,

  • Director of a hospital or medical centre,

  • Workplace doctor

  • Medical data manager

If you wish to do a different MA, you could move into the following areas:

  • Biomedical Sciences

  • Public Health

You could also move into research in any one of the branches of health: physiology, immunology, genetics, cellular and molecular biology and clinical research (new medicines).

Useful information

The need for medical staff is constantly changing. High-quality medical treatment is being demanded more than ever before.

Despite the measures taken to limit access to the profession, if you are determined and if you have therequisite qualities and the vocation, you will always find a way of making a career in medicine.