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CERIS-ULB - Brussels Diplomatic School - Certificate of Executive Master in International Politics

CERIS-ULB - Brussels Diplomatic School - Certificate of Executive Master in International Politics

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  • Programme title
    CERIS-ULB - Brussels Diplomatic School - Certificate of Executive Master in International Politics
  • Programme mnemonic
  • Programme organised by
    • Centre de Formation continue en Sciences humaines et sociales
    • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences
  • Title type
    formation continue
  • Open to returning students
  • Languages of instruction
  • Programme duration
    long (more than 15 days)
  • Campus
  • Category / Topic
    Sciences and technics - Business management/Human and social sciences - Economics and business management/Human and social sciences - Political and social sciences


General information

Title type

formation continue

Programme duration

long (more than 15 days)

Learning language(s)




Category(ies) - Topic(s)

Sciences and technics - Business management/Human and social sciences - Economics and business management/Human and social sciences - Political and social sciences

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies) Open to returning students


International Politics


The high quality of the programme rests above all on its participating faculty. Ceris has developed an extensive network of contacts with renowned scholars drawn from leading academic and research institutions and with key experts from international organisations. This pooling of resources provides a high-profile professorial corps which few institutions could provide on their own. Every year, the programme is supported by thirty experts from such academic institutions as the London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE, the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Kings College, the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, The Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies Geneva, American Universities such as Johns Hopkins, UCLA or Harvard.

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We live in a globalized world where regions and states have grown more and more interdependent. Therefore, for all those whose work takes them beyond the confines of the frontiers of their country, an in-depth study of international relations is becoming essential. CERIS helps professionals and young graduates in developing an extensive understanding of international issues including European public affairs, Transatlantic relations, Geopolitics of Terrorism, International Penal Law, Conflict Management, Political Economy, World in era of Globalization, Geoeconomy, Arms Control & Cyber Security.

The programme, based on empirical methods, aims to relate conceptual frameworks and contemporary realities of today's international politics. This objective is pursued through lectures, discussions, seminars in small groups, presentations by participants and self-study from the reading materials available.

Lectures are delivered in English and French (the former accounting for roughly 90 % of the lectures). The choice of the language depends on the lecturer invited, and participants are required to have at least a passive knowledge of French. Lectures are always followed by a discussion with the guest speaker.

Seminars complement the lectures, providing course participants with an opportunity to discuss the critical issues presented in the lectures with the guest expert. In addition, an optional residential seminar is organised every year.

Self study is vital to this course. The modules are supported by two volumes of Background Readings. It consists of a selection of recent and authoritative academic publications on the topic, and a bibliography updated every year. Participants are provided with the textbooks in advance of each module, both to prepare themselves for the lecture, and to pursue a more in depth study in preparation for the end of course oral exam. In addition participants are also provided with Outlines and Proceedings of the lectures.

Calendar & registration


Prospective applicants must hold a relevant university degree and several years of professional experience. As a matter of principle, admission requires either a Bologna master's degree or an equivalent diploma delivered after four years of university studies (240 ETCS). A bachelor's degree might be accepted, if combined with a relevant professional background. In addition, applicants should demonstrate an excellent command of English. 

Target audience

The programme's second strength is the profile and variety of its participants. Brussels, being the home of many international institutions, including the E U & NATO, a significant proportion of participants are diplomats or international civil servants. Many others are corporate executives, journalists or NGO staff members. The group of participants has been consistently international, drawing people from all continents, and from practically all European countries. Top professionals of some 40 different nationalities attend Ceris MA. The average age of those attending courses lies at around 32. Two thirds of them are aged between 25 and 34, but more than a quarter are over the age of 35. Most have backgrounds in political science, economics, business administration, law or modern languages. This diversity greatly enriches the programme, allowing for an exchange of views with people often directly involved in the issues. Interaction within the group is an important part of the programme, to which each participant can contribute with his or her specific expertise. Students are expected to take part actively in the programme. Socialising is an equally important part of the programme: in addition to the classes and seminars, participants have regularly organised a number of informal gatherings and extra-curricular activities, including study trips or visits to international organisations in Europe.

Calendar & registration

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The Executive Master in International Politics, offered by Ceris in Brussels since 1988, provides advanced education for professionals. It covers the main aspects of contemporary international relations and combines lectures, case studies, seminars, presentations and supervised research activities.

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