Executive Master in Digital and IT essentials
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The session of 2024 is confirmed and starts on 12/01/2024 (tentative schedule available below on this page)

Please note this course requires participants to bring a personal laptop.

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Ready to go Digital? This program is dedicated to people who want to start or continue their career in the digital and IT fields. No prior STEM background required.

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  • Programme title
    Executive Master in Digital and IT essentials
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  • Programme organised by
    • Centre de formation continue en Technologies et en Sciences
    • Université libre de Bruxelles
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    formation continue
  • Open to returning students
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  • Languages of instruction
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    long (more than 15 days)
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    Sciences and technics - Sciences



General information

Title type

formation continue

Programme duration

long (more than 15 days)

Learning language(s)


Schedule type


Category(ies) - Topic(s)

Sciences and technics - Sciences

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies) Placement


Open to returning students


Fees and conditions*

Price for employed: 3.300 euros 
Price for members Febelfin: 2.500 euros
Price for students/unemployed: 1.800 euros 

Admissions are based on applications. Candidates must present a certificate of successful completion of an undergraduate degree or apply for a VAE.

*Program in the process of accreditation, & requiring a minimum of subscriptions to launch

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Formation continue

Academic leaders & scientific committee

  • Prof. Dr. ir. Charles Cuvelliez (ULB)
  • Prof. Dr. An Braeken (VUB)
  • Prof. Dr. Jean Cardinal (ULB)
  • Ir. Valentin Dirken (ULB)
  • Prof. Dr. An Jacobs (VUB)
  • Prof. Dr. ir. Johan Loeckx (VUB)
  • Dr. ir. Yifan Yang (ULB)
  • Dr. ir. Marie-Mo Vaeyens (ULB)



“Give enough holistic IT culture so 1/ women have less fear to enter IT, and become bridge builders 2/ make hiring managers more comfortable with hiring women”.


The training consists of theoretical courses,workshops, coding projects, seminars, guest lectures, group projects, mentorships and an internship of several months ... This programme is designed to be close to the field and to the professionals of the sector in order to offer you a clear vision of the IT profession and a quick anchorage in this sector.

The evaluation will be based on theoretical exams, work projects, compulsory attendance of certain seminars or workshops, and the successful completion of all these tests. Internships will be assessed by the placement promoters.

• IT literacy
• Digital fluency
• Digital transformation essentials
• Application of basic coding

• Translate and bridge business to technology
• Manage and communicate on your projects in the digital era
• Feel comfortable in IT environments

INTERNSHIP – Internship of several months (possible at your employer)

MENTORING – Mentorship by female rolemodels (through Inspiring 50 and sponsors)


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Calendar & registration

Calendar & registration


The S.HE Goes Digital project is part of the national and cross-sectoral Women in Digital (WID) 2021-2026 strategy, which aims to address the biases and structural barriers to women's participation in the digital world (ICT and STEM sectors - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The program highlights female role models in order to reduce the gender gap in the sector.


Content of the academic programm

Content of the course

MODULE 1 - Foundations (science & mathematics) (coord. Jean CARDINAL)
  • Computational thinking/philosophy
  • Programming
  • Problem-solving
MODULE 2 – Technology (coord. Yifan YANG)
  • The technology stack incl. infrastructure
  • Cloud, IoT, XaaS, encryption & PKI, social media
  • Hands-on technology project (accessible level for non-STEM background)
MODULE 3 – AI & data (coord. Johan LOECKX)
  • AI & data mindset
MODULE 4 – Cybersecurity (coord. An BRAEKEN)
  • Cybersecurity
MODULE 5 – IT Governance & Strategy (coord. Valentin DIRKEN)
  • Technology & IT Strategy
  • Digitalisation & Technologies
  • Open Source Movement
  • Sustainability, Legal & Ethics
MODULE 6 – Methodologies (coord. An JACOBS)
  • Software development (horizontal: life cycle): ITIL
  • Requirement gathering, design thinking, ...
  • Project management prince2, agile, XP
  • Business: lean startup, UX
  • IT / business fusion
MODULE 7 – Solving real-world issues using digital (coord. Marie-Mo VAEYENS)
  • IT applications in STEM
  • IT applications in non-STEM field
  • Professional IT role models f/m/X

INTERNSHIP – Internship of several months (possible at your employer)

MENTORING – Mentorship by female rolemodels (through Inspiring 50 and sponsors)

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Facilitate your access to positions in the digital and IT fields:
Application consultant, Account manager, Data protection officer, Data manager, Data scientist, Digital project, manager, Digital business
analyst, IT enterprise architect, IT recruiter, IT manager, IT project manager, IT consultant, IT helpdesk worker, IT teacher, Scrum master, Internet marketer, Content marketer, System administrator,...