Structural Evolution of Soft-Matter under Dissipative Conditions

Equilibrium thermodynamics remains the dominant framework in chemistry and physics, notably in the field of materials science. The project “SADI” intends to radically deviate from the mainstream of customary research and address the application in this context of ideas, which have recently emerged in the field of nonequilibrium statistical physics.
Specifically, it will explore how dissipation - the process by which the system absorbs energy - governs the structural evolution and dynamics of selected molecular and macromolecular systems. Experimental observations will be theoretically rationalized from first principles.


Yves Geerts
Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry
Faculty of Sciences


Patricia Losada-Pérez (Soft matter Physics)
Simone Napolitano  (Polymer and Soft Matter Dynamics)
Thomas Gilbert (Physics of Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics)
Faculty of Sciences

Created on September 19, 2018