Designing supramolecular interactions using reactive complexes

A big challenge in Material Science is to unravel general schemes for the rational design of ’smart’ functional materials, whose optical, electronic or molecular properties, among others, can be tailored to respond to specific external stimuli.

In this project the team of the Physics of Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics laboratory will study a class of materials constituted by polymers and microscopic particles interacting by means of reactive complexes forming supramolecular linkages. In these systems the interactions between unit components is very sensitive to changes, for instance, in temperature or pH. The researchers of the Faculty of Science will develop a set of numerical methodologies to study the responses of these materials to changes in control parameters.

Systems featuring ligand-receptor interactions are currently used in material sience, for instance to design self-healing gels, but also to develop new probes for sensisng and delivery applications.


MOGNETTI Bortolo Matteo

Physics of Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics Laboratory
Faculty of Sciences

Created on August 31, 2018