Co-Nature aims to reconnect city and nature in Brussels.

While addressing strong population growth, air quality issues and biodiversity reinforcement, Brussels must also provide a qualitative living environment to its citizens. The region needs to reconnect city and nature through ecosystem services provision and nature-based solutions to evolve towards a more sustainable green and compact city.

This project aims to create a detailed catalog of nature based solutions for Brussels and map their demand and suitability for implementation within the region. Researchers will also analyze the use and valuation of urban green and the relationships with residents.

The creation of a Living Lab would allow constructive interaction and dialog between researchers, stake holders and inhabitants on the question of nature and the city. Researchers will also develop a manual for deploying nature-based-solutions in Brussels.


End of the project : end of 2020
(Call Anticipate-2018, 2-year extension possible)

ULB partners

Ahmed Z. Khan
BATir, École Polytechnique de Bruxelles

Other partners

Created on March 26, 2019