Promoting the circular economy in Brussels

CONECI studies the consumption habits of Brussels residents, with a view to promoting the circular economy within the Belgian capital.

This research project’s goal is to promote the circular economy throughout the Brussels-Capital Region. To this end, its coordinators are studying consumption practices in the area and how the citizens appropriate their environment as they engage in these practices. The purpose of the project is to enquire about the habits of the various players involved, and to target their motivations and obstacles.

It explores two aspects: the first looks into the knowledge that consumers call upon in order to orient their consumption practices, while the second examines the spatial organisation of these practices and their potential effects on social cohesion.

The research contributes to suggesting new forms of governance and regulation, in order to encourage the emergence of new ways in which to coordinate citizens, public organisations, and private players on the topic of the circular economy.

End of the project : January 2020
(Call Anticipate-2017, 2-year extension possible)

ULB partners

Marine Spor (SASHA - Faculty of Architecture), under the direction of Ludivine Damay (SASHA) and Benjamin Wayens (IGEAT - Faculty of Sciences)

Other partners


Created on March 26, 2019