Political engagement of youth

The goal of J&P is to assess the influence of civic education programmes on the political engagement of young people.

Many young people in Brussels will vote for the first time in the October 2018 municipal elections and the June 2019 regional elections.

Project J&P (‘Jeunes & Politique’, youth and politics) aims to help young residents in Brussels ‘self-train’ on politics and citizenship. Students who will vote for the first time are invited to study, in small groups in classrooms, the political players and their agendas and discourses on specific topics (e.g. sports, mobility, education, etc.), using a collaborative online platform. Then, the various participating classes meet and take part in debates with political players. Finally, students deliver productions in which they present their opinions on the topic discussed.

The project’s goal is to see how this influences its participants’ political engagement. Their observations are recorded on a collaborative platform, and will serve as the basis for future collaborative projects.

End of the project : November 2019
(Call Anticipate-2017, 2-year extension possible)

ULB partner

Emilie Van Haute, CEVIPOL, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Other partners


Created on March 26, 2019