Families leaving the city

The goal of project ResiBru is to identify Brussels families that are leaving the city.

For several decades, the Brussels-Capital Region has been experiencing an almost constant ‘urban exodus’ phenomenon, where families are fleeing the city to go live in the outskirts. Chief among the reasons for this are the desire to own their home and the search for a greener environment for children, especially among middle- and upper-class families.

Recent studies, however, have shown a greater diversity in the profiles of families that leave the city, especially in terms of income and national origin. Project ResiBru intends to characterise these families: beyond their composition, age, and income, their socio-economic profiles are still largely unknown. Another goal is to understand the links between these profiles and the families’ social and residential trajectories, as well as their motivations and their relationship with the city.

The project places particular emphasis on residential trajectories between the Brussels-Capital Region and its outskirts from 2001 to 2015.

End of the project : December 2020 (Call Anticipate-2016)

ULB partners

Gilles Van Hamme (coordinator), Pierre Marissal, Pablo Medina Lockhart
IGEAT, Faculty of Sciences

Other partners

CES, Université Saint-Louis

Created on March 26, 2019