Connected objects at the service of citizens

Project SUCIB (Smart Urban Community Interaction Blocks) looks into how new technologies, especially connected objects (Internet of things), can promote citizen engagement.

Project SUCIB is carried out by multidisciplinary research-action association Espèces Urbaines, and aims to develop, following a gradual and participatory process, a series of modules that can be connected to one another. The modules include sensors that can be used to input or collect data, as well as transmitters and actuators that can make the data visible, audible, and palpable, especially in the urban space.

The creation, deployment, and testing of this toolbox is based on a series of concrete interactive and participatory projects such as the creation of a light choreography between neighbours and attempts by public administrations to remedy noise disturbances.

Eventually, SUCIB should enable the creation of a ‘technological library’ where the modules can be borrowed by various people and communities engaging in collective urban projects. The modules will come with ‘recipes’ that users can follow, improve upon, or hack.

End of the project : December 2019
(Call Anticipate-2017, 2-year extension possible)


ULB partners

LoUIsE, Faculty of Architecture
GRAP, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Other partners

Intermedia, Luca School of Arts (coordinator)

Created on March 26, 2019