Recycling and professional integration

Project WEEESOC examines integration through employment in the field of recycling discarded electrical and electronic equipment.

Discarded electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) is rich in various elements such as gallium, germanium, indium, antimony, and tantalum. Yet little recycling is currently done, in part because the pre-processing of this type of waste is labour-intensive and not very efficient.

Project WEEESOC aims to develop a recycling chain for e-waste and promote the professional integration of workers with low qualifications. It attempts to determine how to improve recovery rates for this type of waste, by creating pre-processing facilities that are adapted to the Brussels workforce in the Abattoirs/Birmingham neighbourhood (Anderlecht).

The overall goal is to tackle unemployment among the most fragile people on the labour market, contribute to the development of the Canal area, and reduce Europe’s dependence on countries with resources in strategic metals.

End of the project : December 2020 (Call Anticipate-2016)

ULB partners

Marie-Paule Delplancke, 4MAT - Brussels School of Engineering
Matteo Gagliolo, Germe - Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Other partners

CF2M asbl / ILDE CF2D, APAM, RESSOURCES asbl, FEBRAP asbl, FEBISP, Bruxelles Propreté (ABP), Bruxelles Environnement

Created on March 26, 2019