Contribution of newly arrived migrants to the development of integration policies

While the short-term needs of migrants are more or less met by the various reception services offered in Brussels, the question of long-term integration involves much broader social dynamics and does not seem to have been fully addressed so far.

The goal of the CAMIM project, which covers a three-year period (2018-2021), is to improve the reception given to migrants through participatory research and action, with the involvement of the migrant themselves, associations active in the field of reception and residents of the Region. The project is developed in partnership with non-profit association VIA, which is in charge of implementing Brussels’s reception policies for newly arrived migrants.

In order to achieve its goals, CAMIM thinks outside the box by not systematically seeing migrants only as recipients of aid programmes. CAMIM places newly arrived migrants at the heart of the reflection and action process, letting them take part in developing integration policies. The project (content, methods, etc.) evolves based on their feedback, experiences, backgrounds and perceptions.

Action Co-Create 2018-2021


ULB partner

Andrea Rea, GERME, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

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Created on July 23, 2019