Limiting environmental impacts with alternative exchanges

Exchanging goods and services between people virtually always involves payment in euros! Could other types of exchange be envisioned?

Yes, there are systems that are not based (only) on a single currency, have low environmental impact, stimulate responsible consumption and create social connections! They can involve community currencies, timebanking, donations, sharing goods or knowledge, etc.

Such are the ambitions of research-action project (E)Change Bruxelles, funded by Innoviris: develop and implement a broad range of innovative tools giving access to other media of exchange than euros, in order to build a resilient, sustainable and solidary economy.

The project brings together all Brussels residents looking to develop—whether at the scale of their neighbourhood, their municipality or even the entire region—new forms of exchange.

With their considerable experience on the emergence of innovative exchange systems, Financité and ULB’s research unit CERMi are putting their expertise at the service of supporting and contributing to grassroots initiative throughout their life cycle, by offering methodological, technical, human and logistical resources.

Action Co-Create 2017-2020

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Marek Hudon
Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi), Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

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Created on July 23, 2019