Energy communities in Brussels

The Voisins d’énergie project (‘Energy Neighbours’) brings together residents of a neighbourhood in order to produce energy and consume as much of their own production as possible.

The eventual goal of Voisins d’énergie is to create a network of energy communities in the Brussels-Capital Region. These communities gather neighbours who share the means to produce power and heat (photovoltaics, cogeneration, etc.) and who organize in order to limit their consumption and draw from their own production to the largest extent possible. The project explores these short energy supply chains in various contexts that are typical of the region: residential buildings, groups of single-family houses, cohousing facilities, campuses, social housing, schools, etc., with their goal being increased resilience.


  Action Co-Create 2018-2021


ULB Partners

Grégoire Wallenborn, IGEAT, Faculty of Sciences
Frédéric Klopfert, BEAMS, Brussels School of Engineering

Other partners

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Created on October 3, 2019