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Re-registration in PhD

You must re-enrol each year for your PhD and doctoral training if you have not yet accumulated the required 60 credits.

Re-enrolment for the academic year 2021-2022

To do so, you need to print the re-enrolment form and follow the procedure described on the first page.

  1. Fill in and sign the section “To be completed by the DOCTORAL CANDIDATE”.
  2. The section “To be completed by the SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE” has to be filled in.
  3. You should consult your Faculty to determine if the section “To be completed by the FACULTY DOCTORAL COMMISSION” must also be completed and signed.
  4.  You must submit the form to your Faculty as soon as possible, according to the Faculty schedule.
  5. When the form is completed and signed by all the parties, the Faculty sends it to the Registration Department as soon as possible and by 31 October at the latest.
  6. The Registration Department checks the re-enrolment form and validates it. (Starting July 2021)
  7. You receive an e-mail exclusively in your mailbox @ulb.be, inviting you to connect to your MonULB portal (http://monulb.be) in order to proceed with the re-enrolment. This step is compulsory in order to be re-enrolled.
  8.  You are invited to pay for your re-enrolment. The payment terms are visible on your MonULB portal. 
  9. Your certificates are available on your MonULB portal.
  10. The student card will be sent by post to the address indicated on MonULB. If you have indicated an address outside Belgium, your card will be available at the Registration Office.
Updated on May 5, 2021