The journey of a memory: dynamics of learning and consolidation in maturation and ageing

"We are our memory". The MEMODYN project investigates the dynamic setting of the memory, especially the two key process that are learning and consolidation. The perspective of this project enables them to be understood, for the first time, under the influence of their inherent interactions, and in the context of brain maturation and ageing.
The project aims to provide new insight into how much our ability to learn is dictated by the make up of our neuronal circuitries, how memories are initially formed and later stored for the long haul, how this is made possible by the rewiring of our neuronal circuitries, and how our memory processes and capacities vary as our brain evolves through its lifespan. The outcomes of this research may lay the foundation for identifying vulnerabilities in learning and consolidation pathways eventually leading to their treatment.
This projet is coordinated by the UR2NF (Neuropsychology and Functional Neuroimaging Research Unit, Center for Research in Cognition and Neurosciences & ULB Neurosciences Institute) and involves the ULB’s Laboratoire de Cartographie Fonctionnelle Cérébrale (Faculty of Medicine).
Created on August 13, 2018