Symplectic Techniques in Differential Geometry

The central theme of this project is the application of techniques and ideas from symplectic geometry to resolve problems in differential geometry. Originally, symplectic geometry lay at the interface between geometry and physics, but the past 25 years have seen a remarkable explosion of the use symplectic methods to answer questions in a far wider range of fields. This project will continue this trend, attacking problems which at first sight are not directly connected to symplectic geometry (Einstein 4-manifolds, minimal surfaces, 3-dimensional conformal geometry, foliations, 3-manifold invariants…) whilst also addressing questions in the core discipline of symplectic geometry itself (integrable systems, Floer theory, symplectic connections…).
The project is coordinated by and associates researchers from the Differential Geometry and Algebra Service, Faculty of Sciences.
Created on August 13, 2018