LATIS is an ERC Consolidator Grant research project (2022) led by Nathan Goldman (Department of Physics of Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics, Faculty of Sciences).

Nathan Goldman, FNRS-qualified researcher at the Faculty of Sciences, received an ERC Consolidator Grant with the LATIS project. 

The LATIS project is based on important advances made in the context of ultracold gases, which make it possible to manipulate atoms one by one in an optical network in order to explore the quantum phases of matter with remarkable precision. The project is particularly interested in topological quantum phases that result from strong interactions between atoms: these exotic phases exhibit extraordinary properties, such as emergent (quasi)-particles that could lead to new concrete applications, especially in the context of quantum computing.

Achieving these strongly correlated topological phases remains a major challenge in the field of ultracold gases. One strategy is to consider only a few atoms trapped in a small optical lattice, which is now possible thanks to the development of the "quantum gas microscope". This configuration should offer extreme control over the topological phases in the regime of strong interactions, and allow the observation of new topological phenomena. The LATIS project will explore these new possibilities from a theoretical point of view, while ensuring active experimental collaborations.

The results of the LATIS project will have an impact on a large scientific community interested in quantum states of matter, with direct implications for experiments currently being carried out on synthetic topological systems.

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement No. 101044957).

Created on April 1, 2022