To enter Belgium, non-European students must be in possession of a visa. The visa application has to be made to the Belgian diplomatic or consulate post of the country in which you reside or to the municipal administration if you reside in Belgium.

You will need the letter of admission for the visa request. It is no longer sent by post, but the letter will be directly available in your application portal.

You will find more information about the student visa on the website of the Immigration Office.

On your arrival in Belgium, you must go to the municipal administration in the place where you are staying within 8 days of your arrival in Belgium to ask to be registered on the aliens register and issued with a residence permit (A card).

Wait for the visa before validating the registration

If you do not obtain your visa and have already confirmed your registration by paying the registration fees, you must abandon of your registration (before November 30, 2021) under penalty of being liable for the total balance of your registration fees.

We advise you to wait until you obtain your visa before validating your registration.


Updated on October 14, 2021