ULB receives more than 450 Erasmus students every year!

Please note that our University does not accept free movers. 

Here are the three types of stays that are accepted at ULB within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme:

Stay for studies

  • Carrying out a mobility period at ULB as an Erasmus exchange student is only possible if an Erasmus+ agreement has been signed in the study field of the student, and on the basis of a proposed learning agreement.

  • If you wish to come at ULB for an exchange stay, please ask at the International service of your University if an Erasmus+ contract in your study's field, has already been signed with ULB.

Stay for Traineeship without courses

Your university is entitled to participate to the Erasmus "Student Mobility for Placement" sub-programme and has awarded you an Erasmus+ internship grant.

  • This means you'll have then to spend at least two months in a row in one of our labs under the supervision of a ULB supervisor.
  • Please note that we will not be able to accept you unless a Professor from ULB sends us his/her formal authorization to supervise your academic activities in his/her unit up until 6 weeks before the foreseen start date of your traineeship.
Once we have received (1) the official announcement from your home university and (2) the authorisation from the ULB Promoter, we will send you the instructions for your stay at ULB.

The Student Mobility Service will take care of your file if you are still a student but not if you have already graduated.

For internships in medecine or dentistery (in one of the ULB hospitals) :
  • The acceptance of a student-doctor/student-dentist in an internship Department of the ULB hospital network is the sole responsibility of the supervisor or head of Department. 
  • The decision of these hospitals is independent from that of the University. The Faculty/University will not be able to deliver any certificate of attendance.
  • The students who come for an internship within the hospitals are not covered by the University's insurance. 
If you wish do do an internship in our hospital network, we advise you to follow the following steps :

1)  Contact the Department in which you would like to do an internship and seek for the agreement of the Head of Department; 
2)  Provide the following documents to the Head of Department : 
  • A certificate of enrolment in your home university for the ongoing academic year;
  • A certificate of insurance against physical damages and civil liability;
  • An official document from your home Faculty certifying that you are authorised to do internships as well as on-call duties in the framework of your study year;
  • A medical certificate certifying you are fit to perform clinical internships. If you do not have this document, you will need to undergo a medical check-up at the Department of occupational health in the hospital that will host you. You will need to bring your passport, your immunization record, and any relevant medical document.

Stay for Traineeship + Courses

  • Students who, during their stay at the ULB, will be writing their dissertation or thesis or doing their end-of-study project in addition to their courses must choose their subject or laboratory before arriving and within our deadlines, i.e. before 1stJune (1st semester) or 1st October (2nd semester).

  • Please communicate to us in writing the agreement of a professor (sponsor) from the ULB Faculty concerned and a co-sponsor from their home university. Without such prior agreement, they cannot be admitted to the ULB.

  • Please note that you are responsible of finding the ULB Professor willing to supervize these academic activities.

Planning your stay in Brussels

Updated on August 18, 2021