Types of the stays accepted at ULB within the framework of the Erasmus+ program:

Stay for studies

  • Carrying out a mobility period at ULB as an Erasmus exchange student is only possible if an Erasmus+ agreement has been signed in the study field of the student, and on the basis of a proposed learning agreement.

  • If you wish to come at ULB for an exchange stay, please ask at the International service of your University if an Erasmus+ contract in your study's field, has already been signed with ULB.

Stay for Traineeship without courses

  • Your university is entitled to participate to the Erasmus "Student Mobility for Placement" sub-program and awarded you an Erasmus SMP grant.

  • This means you'll have then to spend at least two months in a row in one of our labs under the supervision of an ULB Promoter. Please note that we will not be able to accept you unless a Professor from ULB sends us his/her formal authorization to supervise your academic activities in his/her unit up until 6 weeks before the foreseen start date of your traineeship.

Stay for Traineeship + Courses

  • Students who, during their stay at the ULB, will be writing their dissertation or thesis or doing their end-of-study project in addition to their courses must choose their subject or laboratory before arriving and within our deadlines, i.e. before 1stJune (1st semester) or 1st October (2nd semester).

  • Please communicate to us in writing the agreement of a professor (sponsor) from the ULB Faculty concerned and a co-sponsor from their home university. Without such prior agreement, they cannot be admitted to the ULB.

  • Please note that you are responsible of finding the ULB Professor willing to supervize these academic activities.

Planning your stay in Brussels

Updated on March 29, 2019