The Erasme campus is where Hôpital Erasme and ULB’s Health Cluster (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Motor Sciences, School of public health) are located, as well as the HELB School of Nursing and a number of museums, including the museum of medicine.

Campus map

Explore the Erasme campus using the interactive map, and locate the buildings, administrative offices, and faculty/department offices.

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Reaching the campus

By bicycle, by public transportation, by car or carpool: the Erasme campus can be reached in a variety of ways. Find out the main itineraries and travel times, and learn about the infrastructures available.

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The Solbosch campus has car parks and bicycle racks. Find out where they are located and how to get there.

Cars (in french)


Practical information


Route de Lennik 808
B-1070 Bruxelles

Finding your way

Each room is reference according to a code:

Campus name - building - entrance - level - door number
Example : Erasme campus - building GE - level 3 - office 215 : E.GE.3.215

Getting around the campus

  • The speed limit throughout ULB campuses is 10 km/h.
  • Pedestrians have right of way.
  • All roads are open to cyclists.
  • Traffic regulations must be followed.