The goal of the C-CASCADES project is to gain a better understanding of the role of the continent-ocean interface within the carbon cycle and in regulating the Earth's climate.

In the context of this project, 15 PhD students from around the world will be developing theses on the transport, transformation and future of carbon in the Earth's water system, made up of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, coastal waters and the open sea. One particular focus will be to quantify exchanges of greenhouse gases (GHG) such as CO2 and CH4 with the atmosphere and their impact on climate.

C-CASCADES is being coordinated by the ULB - in the hands of Pierre Regnier from the Faculty of Science's Biogeochemistry and Earth System Modelling Department - and involves 15 scientists from research institutions and the private sector in 8 countries.


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Created on August 7, 2018