Before you start the application process, you must contact a professor who will supervise your research work throughout the programme.

In certain cases (e.g. for interdisciplinary thesis topics), you will also have a co-supervisor. You should discuss this possibility with your supervisor.

Your choice of thesis supervisor depends on the topic or area of research you are considering. You can see what research avenues are being explored at ULB at the following pages:

You can present your doctoral research project either directly to your intended supervisor, or to the head of the relevant research unit.

Your message should be as comprehensive as possible, and mention the topic or area of research you are considering, as well as your motivations, background, sources of funding, etc.

You will spend several years working under supervision, so it’s important you pick a supervisor who is right for you!

Please note that regardless of your research topic, professors are free to accept or refuse to supervise your PhD thesis.
Updated on July 13, 2022