Are you looking to embark on a PhD programme? Make sure you read our checklist carefully!


  Find out if you have access to a PhD programme

Does my degree give me access to doctoral studies?
Before you start applying, check that you have access to a PhD programme!

  Find and define your thesis topic

Research work is an essential part of doctoral studies. This means you must choose your research topic carefully.
Depending on the situation, you can either pick a topic yourself with your thesis supervisor’s approval, or work on a research topic already developed by your supervisor.

A list of thesis topics is available online, but you may also suggest a different topic to your supervisor.

 Contact a thesis supervisor

Before you start the application process, you must contact a professor who will oversee your research work throughout the programme. You can discuss your research topic before making a decision, and identify the most appropriate funding opportunities. You will spend several years working under supervision, so it’s important you pick a supervisor who is right for you!

In certain cases (e.g. for interdisciplinary thesis topics), you will also have a co-supervisor.

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 Choosing the members of your supervisory committee

Your supervisory committee offers you advice and assesses your research progress throughout your doctoral studies.

The committee includes your supervisor, your co-supervisor (if applicable), and at least two members of the academic staff of ULB or another university. At least two members must belong to the faculty in which you are conducting your research and doctoral studies.

Please note that you must provide the names of members of your supervisory committee in your application. Make sure you discuss this with your thesis supervisor.

  Apply for PhD funding

A PhD programme is the first step in a researcher’s career. You are strongly encouraged to secure funding for your doctoral studies.

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Submit your application

Have you completed all previous steps in the checklist?
You can now proceed with your application, with input from your thesis supervisor.

I submit my application
Updated on July 13, 2022