Master in communication - Event management

The 2020-2021 programme is subject to change. It is provided for information purposes only.

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  • Programme title
    Master in communication - Event management
  • Programme mnemonic
  • Programme organised by
    • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences
    • Haute Ecole Galilée/Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales
  • Degree type
    Masters 120 credits
  • Tier
    2nd cycle
  • Theoretical programme duration
  • Campus
    Other campus/Solbosch
  • Jury President
    Patrick VANDOORNE
  • Jury Secretary


General information

Degree type

Masters 120 crédits


Other campus/Solbosch

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies)

Student support

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During your studies, many people at ULB are there specifically to help you succeed: support staff in each faculty, (inter-)faculty guidance counsellors, tutors, and experts in academic methodology.


By constantly working in groups, students in the Master Communication – Event management learn to coordinate and even manage a team, while respecting their teammates' ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity. In addition, the many practical lab sessions and theoretical courses teach them to solve communication problems and manage organisation projects.

To this end, they will learn to master the specific languages used in the various disciplines of event management such as human resources, risk management and safety, creativity, legal questions, financing and marketing, technical aspects (image, lighting, sound, etc.), logistics, and so on.

Just like they must become proficient in professional speaking and writing, students must become intimately familiar with information and communication technologies.

The Master's degree is delivered jointly by the Haute École Galilée – Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. In relation to the programme's objectives, the two years of the Master are organised around three broad groups of classes that provide essential knowledge for professionals in this field.

Access conditions


The curriculum of the Master in Communication – Event management was designed to train students coming from a Bachelor programme or from a different Master programme—who can have their previous studies recognised (for up to 60 credits)—, as well as professionals who are already active in event management and wish to develop their skills or reorient their career. Classes are given mostly in French, but not exclusively: this is intended to make the programme accessible to Belgians (from all three regions) and international students.

Year 1

Basics of project management (30 credits), event communication (15 credits), fields of application for event management (15 credits).

Year 2

Final project preparation (10 credits), professional integration activities (30 credits), applications for event management (15 credits), elective courses (5 credits).

What's next ?


At the end of the programme, graduates of the Master in Communication – Event management have acquired a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as high-level professional skills in event management. They can work in any public or private organisation, in the market or non-market sector, at the national or international level, in small, medium, or large companies.