Important preliminary information:

  1. Passing exams for individual courses does not result in acquiring the related credits, nor in obtaining a degree or validating an entire academic year after multiple exams are passed. However, passing exams for individual courses does entitle you to a certificate of achievement, i.e. a transcript provided by the faculty office.
  2. The minimum registration fee is now €139,10, which includes up to 10 credits worth of courses. This means you can, for instance, enrol in one or two 5-credit courses, or a single 10-credit course. Each additional credit will cost €13.91. The maximum number of credits per academic year is set to 20, which means the maximum registration fee—for 20 credits—is €278.20.
  3. Enrolments are final. Absolutely NO changes may be made after the first class of the course(s) in which you have enrolled. Registration fees for individual courses are non-refundable.
  4. Incomplete forms will NOT be accepted.
  5. Courses from the Health Cluster programmes are not eligible for this type of enrolment.

For information about registration's procedures please check the french version.
Updated on January 7, 2022