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The "plurielles" secondary schools

ULB is taking part in a major project to develop schools with active teaching methods in the north-west of Brussels. The aim is to offer high-quality teaching, excellence and equal opportunities for every pupil.

Experiments in active teaching at secondary level in Brussels are rare and recent. Free schools that explicitly aim to provide access to alternative methods for the most disadvantaged are even rarer and tend not to be sustainable. This is why the emergence of these two new plural schools is an innovative project in many respects: innovative teaching methods seen as evolving according to the school population and co-constructed with them; concern for the pupil as a whole (family environment, neighbourhood environment and infrastructure, personal development, citizenship, etc.); the fact that this type of education is free, unlike the vast majority of existing provision in this area in Brussels. The project aims to explore, develop and consolidate the tools that can enable teachers, parents and pupils to 'do school' together.

During the 2022-2023 school year :
  • École Secondaire Plurielle Karreveld has 586 pupils in 27 classes.
  • École Secondaire Plurielle Maritime has 639 pupils divided into 29 classes.

Updated on April 5, 2024