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Joint thesis supervision

You may complete your thesis under joint supervision, in order to benefit from more support and broader expertise. This is commonly done for interdisciplinary PhDs, and even required for the PhD in art and art sciences.

In practice, your thesis is supervised by

  • a supervisor from ULB
  • a co-supervisor from either ULB or another institution

External co-supervisors must be permanent members of a higher education institution or a research institution. They may also be a permanent member of an organisation with which ULB has signed an agreement on joint PhD supervision.
If you are a PhD student in art and art sciences, your co-supervisor is a member of a higher school of arts.


No action is required on your part: the joint supervision of your thesis is approved as soon as you enrol in the PhD programme.
In rare cases, the co-supervisor’s institution may require that a joint supervision agreement be signed. Should this occur, you may use our model agreement (French version - English version).

Updated on September 17, 2020