inVEST is a Starting Grant ERC project (2011), led by Jean-François Raskin (Computing Department - Faculty of Sciences)

Jean-François Raskinwon an ERC Starting Grant for his inVEST project - from verification to automatic synthesis of critical programmes. Today, the majority of complex systems are computer controlled. Control software can be found in a broad range of applications, including public transport, aerospace, and the medical sectors. For these critical applications, the software must be verified.
The inVEST project aims to provide the theoretical foundations to automatically develop verified control software using mathematical descriptions. Jean-François Raskin's work use and expand upon logic theory, automation theory, and game theory.

This project is finished 

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 279499).

Created on August 9, 2018