Social grocery (ASEB)

The Student Welfare Office has decided to form a partnership with ASEB (association for student solidarity in Belgium), the first social grocery in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, created by two ULB students.

ASEB is a non-profit association.

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Foreign Student and Intern Office ('Service pour étudiants et stagiaires étrangers', SESE)

ULB’s Student Welfare Office works in collaboration with the national welcoming committee for students and interns from the Global South, and more specifically with the Foreign Student and Intern Office (SESE).

This office grants aid to a limited number of students, enabling them to:
  • complete their studies and earn their first degree in Belgium
  • complete a final project
  • travel to a country in the Global South as part of a final project
  • complete an internship in a country in the Global South
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EUAE loan

For students who are not eligible for aid from the Student Welfare Office, two alternatives may be offered:

• a short-term loan (advance on the WBF’s study allowance)
• a loan from the UAE (‘Union des anciens étudiants’, an association of former ULB students)

Each year, the UAE grants around twenty loans. The maximum amount is €1,500 per student and per academic year; in principle, students may only benefit from two such loans over their entire academic career.

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Entraide française

Non-profit association L’Entraide Française offers aid to French students with little means.

They should first contact the Student Welfare Office.

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ULB Medical Centre

The ULB Medical Centre, located on the Solbosch campus, offers consultations in general practice, specialized medicine (cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, psychiatry), and sports medicine, as well as nursing care and physical therapy.

For students, medical fees are fully reimbursed by their health insurance.


At PsyCampus, a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers is available to all current or prospective students who wish to take stock of their situation, find personal balance, and clarify their potential and aspirations. Depending on the student’s issue, the intervention may take the form of a series of individual sessions, participation in group sessions, or couple or family sessions.

Aimer à l’ULB

Aimer à l’ULB is a family planning centre located on ULB’s campus.

Repair Café ULB

Repair Café

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Updated on August 2, 2021